The name comes from Lewis Buzbee’s great book about bookshops, which in turn comes from Vincent Van Gogh’s letter to his brother Theo, written on a cold November evening in 1889:

‘I have it in my heart someday to paint a bookshop, with the front yellow… in the evening and the black passersby – it is such an essentially modern subject. Because it seems to the imagination such a rich source of light – say, there would be a subject that would go well between an olive grove and a wheat field, the sowing season of books and prints. I have a great longing to do it, like a light in the midst of darkness.’


Opening May ’08 

We might have some part-time vacancies sometime soon.  

To work with us you need to love people and love books.  

Send a CV to:



2 Responses to “A bit about us”

  1. Matilda Says:

    This bookshop sounds absolutely fabulous!
    BTW, I love the picture of Hereward on the Home page; it will definitely draw the customers in.

  2. Poppy Says:

    Looking forward to visiting! Looks great!

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